The Founders

Global Liberation Of Love and Universal Devotion (G.L.O.L.A.U.D) is a non profit, 501c3 subsidiary of GlaudFamilyCircle -Always Serving Kids Around Communities, Inc. We are a social enterprise of humanitarians and environmentalist working on behalf of all. We create Eco-sustainable systems while raising awareness of universal consciousness; thus providing the clarity and ability to unite and create a better world. 



Wanda L. Smith-Glaud is the Co-Founder of Non-Profit and For-Profit organizations located in Columbia, SC, Sicklerville, NJ, Richmond, VA, and Snellville, Ga, where she has served in communities across the globe providing volunteered humanitarian service for the past 35 years.  She has an extensive unselfish dedication and passion to be of service which inspired her to establish a Non-Profit Organization to continue spreading peace, love and unity globally.

During her freshman year in high school is when she discovered her purpose in life, realizing that helping people is her passion.  She became a spokesperson for local cable television station to spread awareness of the “War on Drugs” added in that responsibility she was elected by school administration to be a peer counselor.  After graduating High School, Wanda joined the United States Navy where served 12 years in communications as a Radioman, 1985 -1998.

Upon receiving three honorable discharges for service from the United States Navy, Wanda continued to pursue the path in the humanitarian field, earning her Associate Degree in Sociology in 2003, currently will achieve Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Occupational Psychology in 2019. 

Currently, President and Co-Founder of (G.L.O.L.A.U.D) Global Liberation of Love and Universal Devotion; which is a subsidiary of “GlaudFamilyCircle - Always serving kids around Communities, Inc. 501c3”, Hnh Designs19 , and Omni-U – LLC, Co. owner of Universal Green Technology, and Vice President of Sales for Baki T.V. Network. Wanda works countless hours building community relations and gathering like-minded humanitarians to be of service to communities across the globe. 

She worked as General Manager for Well-Known Casual Dining Restaurant for ten years.  During tenure as, General Manager Wanda was able to take the vision of the company and through sound strategy and development and training of her team, had the sound results of diversity, highest employee tenure rate, lowest turn-over rate and most qualified and trained team.  By helping others to extend their thinking, unity, respect and team work she was able to get the results.  She is an inspirational leader that shares stories of her personal and professional experience that inspires action while at the same time produce results.  She earns respect and admiration from all who encounter her. During her tenure as General Manager, Wanda received honors from the State of Pennsylvania as the top Employer in lieu of diversity, fair pay structure, community involvement, and hiring people with disabilities.  Also awarded Hospitality Award and scoring in the top five restaurants of 800 for guest satisfaction and team member experience.  2003 – 2013.

List of Achievements & Memberships

Studied at Florida Community College                                                                  Jacksonville, FL

Studies at Argosy University Online                                                                      Phoenix, AZ

Landmark Graduate

Leadership and Management Trainer

Rite of Passage Facilitator

QRP Gatekeeper Certificate – QRP Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Program

Member Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce

Member Sierra Club

Member The Worldwide Association of Female Professionals


Leon Moss, D.D. began servicing our nation and community upon entering the United States Navy; learning pipe fitting as a Hull technician aboard the USS Cape Cod AD-43 from 1982 to 1986.  After receiving an honorable discharge, Dr. Moss returned home to New Jersey and eventually became employed by the Winslow Township Public Works Department. There, after an unsuccessful run for Vice President of the local union he was appointed trustee over the employees of local 10. From 1989 to 1992, Dr. Moss served as a volunteer firefighter as well as a little league football coach for the 110lb team. Dr. Moss also served as County Committeeman for Ward 3 of Winslow Township and as liaison to several other organizations within the Community. Dr. Moss served as Vice President of Winslow Action Committee; a political party that he co-sponsored; and together they produced a local community paper designed to inform the residents of the truth seen from a grassroots perspective.

In 1993 Dr. Moss moved to Georgia to participate in a larger movement for justice, peace, and equality, namely The University of the Holy Tabernacle Ministry. This is where Dr. Moss received credentials of ordination as Doctor of Divinity in the field of Theology, History, and Comparative Religious Studies and Semitic Languages. He also studied and mastered Metaphysics as well as transcendent and mindfulness meditation. In 2014 Dr. Moss attended Atlanta Technical College and received a diploma in Early Childhood care and Education to further his commitment to serving others. Dr. Moss also volunteered as Entertainment director for Victory over Violence under Mr. V-man Watson of Atlanta Ga. He also received a certified mentoring at the Youth Challenge Academy; as well as a QPR Suicide Prevention Gate-Keeper.

Presently, Leon Moss is co-founder of (G.L.O.L.A.U.D) Global Liberation of Love and Universal Devotion; which is a subsidiary of “GlaudFamilyCircle - Always serving kids around Communities, Inc. 501c3”,  Omni-U LLC, HnH designs, Co founder and VP of Sales Baki T.V. Network, and Co. owner of Universal Green Technology; Dr. Moss is also the author of “Discovering the Power within You” and “Omni-U”.